A revisited heritage Bourrinenne

chemise blanche luxe, chemise femme, col officier, popeline de coton, chemise avec plastron
Hôtel Bourrienne, Bourrienne Paris X, chemise blanche homme et femme

The Bourrienne Hotel still resonates today with extraordinary personalities who have frequented it. Allegory of an era gone, this sleeping beauty was waiting to be rediscovered.To pay tribute to this unique place, Cécile Faucheur draws white shirts, pure and contemporary. Six fitted shirts with precious details sit next to two larger models called “Bourrienne” cut, offering a longer shoulder line and gathers at the back.Each carries a Roman numeral embroidered at the level of the left swallow. The latter signs the model.The necks are revisited, wrists reworked, period details reinterpreted.As for the breastplates, they summon the romanticism of the nineteenth century while embracing the dress codes of today. That of the shirt VIII available in poplin or linen is made by hand and then sewn by machine, fold by fold. Removable whales with pink, yellow or silver gold finishes offer discreet luxury, known only to the wearer.


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