chemise blanche, white shirt, Bourrienne Paris X, chemise avec plastron plissé, pleated shirt front bib
Founded in 2017, Bourrienne Paris X reinvents the white shirt for men by reviving details of the past. Finding her inspiration in the ways of yesterday and today, she makes this uniform the common denominator between past and present. The eight models in the collection offer a perfect balance between singularity and modernity. The brand appropriates the mono-product and the monochrome by reinterpreting the collars, the breastplates and the wrists … Behind this ideal of efficiency, is a surprising creative duo, gathered around an exceptional inheritance.




A few months ago, the entrepreneur Charles Beigbeder bought the Hôtel de Bourrienne, forgotten jewel of the Directoire era.
He is seduced by the history of the place. It is towards the future that he turns to the restaurant.
At the time of the salons, a circle of intellectuals gravitates around the Hotel Particulier: from Talleyrand to Bonaparte via Chateaubriand and Victor Hugo. Men, already modern, debating in white shirts: a postulate that inspires Charlesson next project. He decided to create a collection of timeless shirts, which he confided to the designerCécile Faucheur: the Bourrienne Paris X shirt was born.
A first shop will open in front of the Hotel Particulier soon.
Hôtel de Bourrienne, Bourrienne Paris X, white shirt, chemise blanche
Bourrienne Paris X, chemise blanche, chemise homme, white shirt, men shirt



The Bourrienne Hotel still resonates today with extraordinary personalities who have frequented it. Allegory of an era gone, this sleeping beauty was waiting to be rediscovered.
To pay tribute to this unique place, Cécile Faucheur draws white shirts, pure and contemporary. Six fitted shirts with precious details sit next to two larger models called “Bourrienne” cut, offering a longer shoulder line and gathers at the back.
Each carries a Roman numeral embroidered at the level of the left swallow. The latter signs the model.
The necks are revisited, wrists reworked, period details reinterpreted.
As for the breastplates, they summon the romanticism of the nineteenth century while embracing the dress codes of today. That of the shirt VIII available in poplin or linen is made by hand and then sewn by machine, fold by fold. Removable whales with pink, yellow or silver gold finishes offer discreet luxury, known only to the wearer.
Bourrienne Paris X, white shirt, chemise blanche, men shirt, chemise homme
Bourrienne Paris X, white shirt, chemise blanche, men shirt, chemise homme



A Bourrienne shirt is distinguished by:
/ wrists on the wrist, replacing the usual folds of ease,
/ an ottoman swallow embroidered tone on tone of the Roman numeral of the shirt,
/ the inscription of the white embroidered mark in the inside yoke back of the shirt.
Bourrienne Paris X, chemise blanche, chemise homme, white shirt, men shirt, cotton poplin shirt
Bourrienne Paris X, chemise blanche, chemise home, white shirt, men shirt


The requirement of quality
With white as the only color, we have chosen to choose beautiful Italian fabrics, double twisted poplin, heavy and opaque linen leaning towards ecru, a chic and classic oxford and a very soft cotton twill. To give more character to details such as breastplates or wrist interiors, we also selected fabrics with more texture and relief, such as seersucker, ottoman and jacquard with pea patterns.

Our fabrics are GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard) and come from California or Egyptian cotton fields, meeting high selection criteria.

Our shirts are made in a certified workshop in Tunisia.

Unlike the making of classic shirts, the manufacture of our products requires expertise and special attention, some steps are made by hand, without the use of the machine, such as pleated breasts and wrist details manually shaped.
Our key words: patience and demand.
Bourrienne Paris X, chemise blanche, chemise homme, white shirt, men shirt



Built in 1787, the Hôtel de Bourrienne is a unique Parisian symbol, containing interior decorations dating from the Directory, still preserved today. From 1792, it is inhabited by Fortunée Hamelin which will make the hotel a high place of social gatherings where Bonaparte, Josephine de Beauharnais or Madame Tallien rub shoulders.
Herald of the fashion of Wonders, Fortunée Hamelin makes a sensation in the whole of Paris, walking one day on the Champs-Élysées, dressed in a simple cloth of flesh-colored gauze, split to the hips and concealing nothing of his chest. Malicious and impertinent, it also seduces with its intelligence and holds a salon among the most popular of the time.
The place is then bought by Louis Fauvelet de Bourrienne, private secretary of Napoleon, who will leave his name.
Entrepreneur at heart, Charles Beigbeder brings life back to the Hôtel de Bourrienne through an eponymous collection, but also by opening it to young artists. The Hotel aims to become a startup incubator and will include co-working spaces.
A place of exchange and circulation of ideas in the image of salons of the time.
Bourrienne Paris X, white shirt, men shirt, chemise blanche, chemise homme