Overshirt JOUR


French collar – Bourrienne cut  – Bourrienne wrist

The JOUR overshirt offers an elegant interpretation of workwear, joining clean lines and signature details. This timeless silhouette is adorned by a French collar, iconic Bourrienne cuffs and horn buttons.

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Our Bourrienne wrist

Our Bourrienne wrist is inspired by the old puffed sleeves of period shirts, whose wrist was closed with a buttoned band. We have reinterpreted this principle by minimizing and purifying the wrist and finishing the sleeve with a stitched slit. This is prepared using a cardboard template, which allows the edges to be joined in a perfectly symmetrical and geometrically correct manner.


The French collar

The French collar, also known as the classic collar, is a centerpiece among the various details of our white shirts. It gives a style that is both chic and timeless with the topstitching that completes the sewing work.

The collar ribs are subtly inserted into the lining of the French collar tips to give it a better fit.



Gathered back

We find on the period shirts, many gathers, which served primarily to give ease but also for aesthetic reasons. On our Bourrienne cut, inspired by the romantic volumes, we have reproduced this series of gathers starting from the back yoke. This gives the shirt a touch of originality and comfort.