Officer collar – Extra shirt – Round cuff – Classic wrist with bumblebee finishes

The ARTISTE shirt is aptly named. It was created by taking up the old volumes of the shirts. Its long cut makes it look like a painter’s shirt. It is worn over loose trousers, in a casual way. A small officer collar and cuffs with refined details are the signature of this pure and original shirt.

Quentin is 1.86m tall and wears a size L.
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The collar officer

The officer’s collar (or Mao collar) is a straight collar, without a collar flap. On period shirts, it was also used as a base to attach starched and/or removable collars by means of a buttonhole in the back of the collar. A small flat button was inserted and clipped on. We developed two officer collars, one classic and one small.



The classic wrist with bumblebee finishes

The classic cuff with drone stitch finish is a reinterpretation of ancient details, in those days, seamstresses used to solidify the seams with a hand-made back-and-forth stitch: this is a holding stitch, sometimes called a bumblebee stitch. We have incorporated them into our wrist and leg details in a variety of ways.


Nos détails signatures

– 100 % coton seersucker Made in Japan
– Coupe liquette
– Petit col officier surpiqué
– Gorge de boutonnage visible et boutons en nacre mate Australienne
– Poignets à patte surpiquée et finie par deux points bourdons
– 6 points/centimètre
– Nom du modèle brodé dans l'intérieur du poignet et hirondelle de renfort brodée du chiffre romain de la chemise