Bourrienne collar – Classic cut – Tongue wrist

The ECRIVAIN shirt is a signature shirt of the House. Its collar is a subtle mix of an officer collar and a simplified broken collar, for a graphic look. As for the cuffs, we discover that they close with a buttoned tab that was originally on the front to help keep it impeccable. A modern piece, revealing subtle details.

Quentin is 186 cm/ 6,1 foot and is wearing size 40.
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Collar Bourrienne 

The Col Bourrienne was created from the study of the starched and removable broken collar. At the time, collars and cuffs were detachable, washed and then starched. We modernized this collar by removing the small folded triangle. This gives it a simpler and more graphic look. This collar becomes a recognizable element of the brand.


The tongue wrist

This brand signature wristband found its inspiration in antique shirts. Some of them had a bib pull that buttoned on the inside of the pants to keep the bib tightly plated. We wanted to give a second life to this element by giving it a new use: closing the wrist.It is inserted in a buttonhole and then comes to close the sleeve thanks to the cuff button which closes the whole.



Nos détails signatures

– Coupe ajustée
– Col Bourrienne
– Gorge de boutonnage cachée et boutons en nacre mate Australienne
– Poignets à languette boutonnée
– 6 points/centimètre
– Nom du modèle brodé dans l'intérieur du poignet et hirondelle de renfort brodée du chiffre romain de la chemise