The pleated bib

Inspired by an archive folder from the 19th century, we have reproduced this breastplate identically with today’s craftsmanship and means. At the time, it was made entirely by hand.

Today, we have called upon a French pleating craftsman to carry out the pleating, then our workshop sews each pleat one by one. For this stage, three seamstresses intervene: one to prepare, one to sew and one to iron each sewn ply. This requires a lot of time, patience and expertise, which gives this piece a real rarity and beauty.

Breastplates Bourrienne Paris X

We have developed several types of breastplate, again and again inspired by the heritage of French blouse making. Rounded, elongated, square, hand pleated, or lined with a reinforcement, so many variations that give our shirts an elegant and original look. We wish to desacralize and reinvent the ceremonial imaginary of the bib and make it a chic detail but easy to wear every day, or even on a shirt out of jeans.