The Bourrienne collar

The Col Bourrienne was created from the study of the starched and removable broken collar. At the time, collars and cuffs were detachable, washed and then starched. We modernized this collar by removing the small folded triangle. This gives it a simpler and more graphic look. This collar becomes a recognizable element of the brand.

The French collar

The French collar, also known as the classic collar, is a centerpiece among the various details of our white shirts. It gives a style that is both chic and timeless with the topstitching that completes the sewing work.

The collar ribs, engraved with the name Bourrienne Paris X, are subtly inserted into the lining of the French collar tips to give it a better fit.

With or without a tie, the shape of this collar makes faces look longer and adds a classic, elegant and discreet touch to our iconic pieces. This type of collar will go perfectly with a wedding suit or with jeans or chino pants.

The Italian collar

The Italian collar, less strict than the French collar, is composed of a wide opening of slanted points which diverge perfectly from the perpendicular of the neck when the neck is buttoned.

At Bourrienne Paris X, the Italian collar is a perfect match for our white shirts with classic cuts and hidden buttoning grooves, which together give a graphic aesthetic and consistency of style. It can be matched with a tie or a falsely coordinated jacket and trousers.

Our collar balaines, engraved with the name Bourrienne Paris X, can be subtly inserted into the lining of the points of this collar.

The old collar

In the 19th century in France, men wore starched collars that they detached to wash them and their cuffs. We found these old starched collars and made a perfect copy, but this time as an integral part of the shirt. This collar offers an elegant look and headwear and becomes an iconic detail of the brand.

The collar officer

The officer’s collar (or Mao collar) is a straight collar, without a collar flap.
On period shirts, it was also used as a base to attach starched and/or removable collars by means of a buttonhole in the back of the collar. A small flat button was inserted and clipped on.

We developed two officer collars, one classic and one small.