Inspired by ancient cufflink systems, Bourrienne Paris X signs a collaboration with Marc Maroni, goldsmith and sculptor by trade,

based in the south of France, he re-carved in 3D the flower that adorns the walls of the Hôtel de Bourrienne to retranscribe it identically. These sublime gold or silver pieces will sign a musketeer’s wrist or a wrist closed with a French chic tongue.

To sublimate these shirts with elaborate details, Bourrienne Paris X has also developed removable whalebones with pink, yellow or silver gold finishes that offer a discreet luxury known only to the wearer.

The Bourrienne wrist

Our Bourrienne wrist is inspired by the old puffed sleeves of period shirts, whose wrist was closed with a buttoned band. We have reinterpreted this principle by minimizing and purifying the wrist and by weaving the sleeve with a slit with a surepiked edge. The sleeve is prepared using a cardboard template, which allows the edges to be joined in a perfectly symmetrical and geometrically correct manner.