The Hôtel de Bourrienne still resonates today with the extraordinary personalities who frequented it. Allegory of a vanished era, this sleeping beauty was just waiting to be rediscovered.

To pay homage to this unique place, Cécile Faucheur designs pure and contemporary white shirts. Fitted shirts with precious details are combined with larger models known as the “Bourrienne” cut, offering a longer shoulder line and gathers in the back, and finally long models such as shirts complete the collections. Each one has a Roman numeral embroidered on the swallow. The swallow is the signature of the model. The collars are revisited, the cuffs reworked, the period details reinterpreted.

As for the breastplate, it illustrates the romanticism of the 19th century while espousing today’s dress codes. The one on the VIII shirt, available in poplin or linen, is hand-made and then machine-stitched, fold by fold.

Removable whalebones with pink, yellow or silver gold finishes offer a discreet luxury known only to the wearer. To sublimate these shirts with their intricate details, Bourrienne Paris X has signed a collaboration with Marc Maroni, a goldsmith and sculptor by trade, based in the south of France. Inspired by antique cufflink systems, Marc Maroni has re-carved in 3D the flower that adorns the walls of the Hôtel de Bourrienne to recreate it identically. These sublime gold or silver pieces will sign a musketeer wrist or a wrist closed with a tongue for even more French chic.