The art of sketching

At the time of the first sketches, our designer juggles with her pencils to bring her models to life on paper.

Exceptional tissues

Our linens from Normandy, offer freshness and elegance. Our cottons, from California or Egypt, are fluid and light. As for our poplin, it benefits from a very tight weave which makes it an exceptional quality. Chosen for their fall, their weight and their fineness, the rolls of tissue liberate the silhouettes.

Working with French artisans

Bourrienne Paris X is proud to honor French know-how. While our pleats are made in a workshop in Brittany, our braids embroidered with the decorations of the Hôtel de Bourrienne are made in the north of France. Our French goldsmith, Marc Maroni, makes our cufflinks inspired by the decorations of the hotel. All these craftsmen are so many talents that give our shirts such a singular soul.