The making of Bourrienne Paris X shirts requires special know-how and attention. Some steps are entirely hand-made, without the use of machines, such as the pleated front panels and the details of the hand-made cuffs.

Two key words: know-how and exigency.

With white as its only colour, the brand is committed to choosing superb Italian fabrics, double-twisted poplins, heavy and opaque linen from Normandy, chic and classic oxford and very soft cotton twill. To give more character to certain details such as the breastplates or the inside of the wrists, Cécile Faucheur has selected fabrics with more texture and relief, such as seersucker, ottoman and a jacquard with a polka dot pattern. The fabrics are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified and come from Californian or Egyptian cotton fields, meeting high selection criteria.