Founded in 2017, Bourrienne Paris X reinvents the white shirt by reinterpreting details from the past.

Finding inspiration in the looks of yesterday and today, she makes this uniform the common link between heritage and modernity.

Today, the models in the men’s and women’s collections offer the right balance between singularity and authenticity.

The brand appropriates the mono-product and monochrome by reinterpreting collars, breastplate and cuffs… Behind this ideal of efficiency lies an astonishing creative concept, united around an exceptional heritage.

When he bought the Hôtel de Bourrienne, a forgotten jewel of the Directoire period, the entrepreneur Charles Beigbeder was seduced by the history of the place. It is towards the future that he turns to the restaurant.

During the era of the salons, a circle of intellectuals gravitated around the Hôtel Particulier: from Talleyrand to Bonaparte via Chateaubriand and Victor Hugo.

Men, already modern, debating in white shirts: a postulate that inspired Charles’ next project. He decides to create a collection of timeless shirts, which he entrusts the Artistic Direction to the designer Cécile Faucheur: the Bourrienne Paris X shirt is born.