French collar – Classic cut  – Bourrienne wrist
The ROMANESQUE shirt perfectly reflects the DNA of Bourrienne. A clever mix of classicism and creativity. An essential shirt, which reveals a signature wrist, which makes this shirt discreetly original.
Quentin is 186 cm/ 6,1 foot and is wearing size 40.
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Our Bourrienne wrist

Our Bourrienne wrist is inspired by the old puffed sleeves of period shirts, whose wrist was closed with a buttoned band. We have reinterpreted this principle by minimizing and purifying the wrist and finishing the sleeve with a stitched slit. This is prepared using a cardboard template, which allows the edges to be joined in a perfectly symmetrical and geometrically correct manner.


The French collar

The French collar, also known as the classic collar, is a centerpiece among the various details of our white shirts. It gives a style that is both chic and timeless with the topstitching that completes the sewing work.

The collar ribs, engraved with the name Bourrienne Paris X, are subtly inserted into the lining of the French collar tips to give it a better fit.

With or without a tie, the shape of this collar makes faces look longer and adds a classic, elegant and discreet touch to our iconic pieces. This type of collar will go perfectly with a wedding suit or with jeans or chino pants.

Fitted size

37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45



Our signature details

– 100% cotton
– Tight fit
– French collar stitched with removable whalebones (it is possible to put a tie on this shirt)
– Bourriennes wrists
– Collar foot button sewn with hand-made ascolite
– Single button groove
– Wrist gathers at the wrist
– Capuchin leg with hidden buttoning
– Ottoman swallows on the side seams including the left one embroidered with the Roman numeral of the shirt.
– Matte mother-of-pearl buttons from Australia
– 6 points/centimetre