Officer collar – Extra shirt – Round cuff

This shirt has been created using the old volumes of the shirts. A small officer collar that will emphasize the look and cuffs with refined details. A pure shirt with an elegant look.

The model is 1.86m tall and wears a size 40.

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  • Popeline
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  • Extra long cut
  • Small stitched officer collar
  • Visible buttonhole groove
  • Rounded cuffs with overstitched leg and finished with two old-fashioned bumblebee stitches
  • Wrist gathers at the wrist
  • Single back
  • Swallow in ottoman embroidered tone-on-tone Roman numeral on the left side of the shirt
  • Name of the model embroidered on the inside of the right wrist when wearing it
  • Matte mother-of-pearl buttons from Australia
  • 6 points/centimetre
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