Self made brand Bourrienne

Chemise blanche luxe, chemise femme, chemise en popeline, col français classique

A few months ago, the entrepreneur Charles Beigbeder bought the Hôtel de Bourrienne, forgotten jewel of the Directoire era.He is seduced by the history of the place. It is towards the future that he turns to the restaurant.At the time of the salons, a circle of intellectuals gravitates around the Hotel Particulier: from Talleyrand to Bonaparte via Chateaubriand and Victor Hugo. Men, already modern, debating in white shirts: a postulate that inspires Charlesson next project. He decided to create a collection of timeless shirts, which he confided to the designerCécile Faucheur: the Bourrienne Paris X shirt was born.A first shop will open in front of the Hotel Particulier soon.


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