We have developed two cuts :

The Fitted Cut is a cut that will rest on you without making a crease, emphasizing your waist very slightly and this without pinches in the shirt.

The Coupe Bourrienne is a cut inspired by vintage shirts and modernized. A little longer and looser than the fitted cut, it has a series of gathers in the back and a longer shoulder line, which gives it that little romantic touch.

How to know which size to choose on the site?

Collar measurement:

Using a tape measure, measure the circumference of your neck and then slide a finger to maintain a comfortable fit.

Chest measurement :

Place your tape measure under your armpits and join it to the center of your bust. Make sure it fits where your bust is widest, without being tight.

Waist measurement :

Place your tape measure where you usually wear your pants belt.

Adjust it to your waist without tightening it.

Record your measurements on the chart and choose the appropriate size.