Classic fit – Officer collarRounded classic wrist with pleated placketPleated bib Gathered back

The COMEDIENNE shirt highlights a know-how, the pleating made in France, but also patience and requirement. Several hours of work for this iconic piece, the pleats of the front are sewn one by one. A meticulous work for a timeless result, which brings up to date the finishes and details of antique shirts.

Romane measures 1.80m and wears a size 38.
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The pleated bib

Inspired by an archive folder from the 19th century, we have reproduced this breastplate identically with today’s craftsmanship and means. At the time, it was made entirely by hand.

Today, we have called upon a French pleating craftsman to carry out the pleating, then our workshop sews each pleat one by one. For this stage, three seamstresses intervene: one to prepare, one to sew and one to iron each sewn ply. This requires a lot of time, patience and expertise, which gives this piece a real rarity and beauty.

The collar officer

The officer’s collar (or Mao collar) is a straight collar, without a collar flap.
On period shirts, it was also used as a base to attach starched and/or removable collars by means of a buttonhole in the back of the collar. A small flat button was inserted and clipped on. We developed two officer collars, one classic and one small.



Gathered back

We find on the period shirts, many gathers, which served primarily to give ease but also for aesthetic reasons. On our Bourrienne cut, inspired by the romantic volumes, we have reproduced this series of gathers starting from the back yoke. This gives the shirt a touch of originality and comfort.


Nos détails signatures

-100 % coton
– Coupe classique
– Col officier
– Gorge de boutonnage cachée et boutons en nacre mate Australienne
-Plastron plissé en Bretagne et plis cousus un par un
– Poignets classiques arrondis
-Fronces dans le dos
– 6 points/centimètre
– Nom du modèle brodé dans l'intérieur du poignet et hirondelle de renfort brodée du chiffre romain de la chemise