Shirt ELISE x Olivier Theyskens


High Old Collar – Men’s Cut – Wrist inspired by Bourrienne

This collaboration between Bourrienne Paris X and Olivier Theyskens is a meeting between two singular universes, mixing the emblematic codes of the two brands: black and white, and agreeing to create a line of limited edition shirts.

This shirt carries Bourrienne’s iconic high collar, which closes with Olivier Theyskens’ signature hooks. The cut and the details on this shirt make it a unique piece that brings both worlds together.

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The shirt ELISE is available with black or white hooks.

The old collar

In the 19th century in France, men wore starched collars that they detached to wash them and their cuffs. We found these old starched collars and made a perfect copy, but this time as an integral part of the shirt. This collar offers an elegant look and headwear and becomes an iconic detail of the brand.

Nos détails signatures

-Coupe masculine
-Col ancien haut et agrafe laquée blanche pour le fermer
-Poignet inspiré du poignet Bourrienne se fermant avec une agrafe laquée blanche
-Gorge de boutonnage cachée