Shirt MUSE


Antique collar – Tight fit – Long bibClassic rounded cuffs with bumbled stitch finish

The MUSE shirt plays with the codes of old-fashioned men’s shirts and adapts a bib, a shirt cut, and a collar inspired by starched collars on a women’s shirt, to be worn simply …

Romane measures 1m80 and wears a size 38.
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The old collar

In the 19th century in France, men wore starched collars that they detached to wash them and their cuffs. We found these old starched collars and made a perfect copy, but this time as an integral part of the shirt. This collar offers an elegant look and headwear and becomes an iconic detail of the brand.


The classic wrist with bumblebee finishes

The classic cuff with drone stitch finish is a reinterpretation of ancient details, in those days, seamstresses used to solidify the seams with a hand-made back-and-forth stitch: this is a holding stitch, sometimes called a bumblebee stitch. We have incorporated them into our wrist and leg details in a variety of ways.


Nos détails signatures

-100 % coton
– Coupe classique
– Col ancien
– Gorge de boutonnage polo et boutons en nacre mate Australienne
– Poignets classiques arrondis et finition points bourdons
– 6 points/centimètre
– Nom du modèle brodé dans l'intérieur du poignet et hirondelle de renfort brodée du chiffre romain de la chemise