Officer collar – Classic cut – Round bib – Simple cuff

A feminine version of the man’s ROMANCIER shirt, the ROMANCIER shirt revisits the bib in a more modern and less conventional way. A version of the officer collar shirt with a breastplate, cut from a poplin embroidered with small crosses.

Romane is 180 cm/ 5,9 foot and is wearing size 38.
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The collar officer

The officer’s collar (or Mao collar) is a straight collar, without a collar flap.

On period shirts, it was also used as a base to attach starched and/or removable collars by means of a buttonhole in the back of the collar. A small flat button was inserted and clipped on. We developed two officer collars, one classic and one small.

Faceplates Bourrienne Paris X

We have developed several types of breastplate, again and again inspired by the heritage of French blouse making. Rounded, elongated, square, hand pleated, or lined with a reinforcement, so many variations that give our shirts an elegant and original look. We wish to desacralize and reinvent the ceremonial imaginary of the bib and make it a chic detail but easy to wear every day, or even on a shirt out of jeans.

Nos détails signatures

-100 % coton
– Coupe classique
– Col officier
-Plastron arrondi en popeline brodée de petites croix
– Gorge de boutonnage visible et boutons en nacre mate Australienne
– Poignets classiques arrondis et intérieur en popeline brodée
– 6 points/centimètre
– Nom du modèle brodé dans l'intérieur du poignet et hirondelle de renfort brodée du chiffre romain de la chemise