Meeting with Cécile Faucheur, the artistic director of Bourrienne Paris X

In addition to being the artistic director, Cécile Faucheur is, with Charles Beigbeder, at the origin of the monochrome concept of the Parisian brand based at 58 rue d'Hauteville.

Who are you and what is your background in fashion?

“Today a designer for the Bourrienne Paris X brand, I had the chance to have a lot of very varied experience in fashion before starting the Bourrienne adventure. After studying international business, I went to India to work in a garment factory, which allowed me a first immersion in the world of textiles. Discovering then a passion for clothes and their creation, I returned to France to integrate ESMOD Paris and I obtained my diploma in styling/patterning. After a first experience in the haute couture workshops at Ungaro, I chained experiences in styling and model making in several houses including Laurence Bras in India again. I was also a styling teacher at ESMOD Dubai. A little later, I passed a CAP in leather goods and I also do a lot of illustrations, especially for Bourrienne. My passion for creating products has also sometimes exceeded the world of a company, during a personal humanitarian project, by organizing a fashion show in Kabul for the benefit of an NGO. »

What was the trigger to launch the Bourrienne adventure?

"Charles Beigbeder wanted to revive the French clothing heritage. He gave me carte blanche. After months of research in museums, national archives, documentary collections, libraries, flea markets, flea markets, I chose the shirt as a mono-product to rework and revisit. The objective of my creative approach was to reissue artisanal and old details and finishes in a contemporary way, so at first it was necessary to do a lot of research, deconstruction and reconstruction of details. Our shirts are easy to wear, extremely creative and in detail. Our signatures are remarkable: various embroideries, gathers, tongues, revisited bibs, creative cuffs, contrasting fabrics, old finishes, reinforcements... »

For you, what is the Bourrienne spirit?

"This is what we imagine of the French art of living, good taste, epicureanism, pleasure, quality, the 5 senses awakened, a literary side, heritage, transmission, the passage between past and future, and above all timelessness. »

How do you see the brand evolving?

“Bourrienne is a timeless brand and I think it will remain so in the products it develops. We have a shirt family expansion project planned for spring…surprise! And also the project of a unique collaboration with one of the most prestigious fabric manufacturers to come this year. »