Our responsible commitments

Bourrienne Paris X seeks to highlight its environmental commitments in collaboration with its factories and suppliers.
Today, the companies that contribute the most to climate change are those in the fashion industry. Concerned with contributing to a better world, the Bourrienne team has decided to ask its subcontractors a few questions about their various environmental initiatives.
To stay close to our workshops and prevent our products from traveling long distances, we have chosen 100% European manufacturing.
Made in Europe represents a guarantee of quality and ensures that our products meet the highest standards. Bourrienne Paris X is proud to showcase European craftsmanship, offering high-end products rich in detail and derived from the best technologies.
To ensure the quality of our materials, we prioritize fabrics with certification. Our fabrics are labeled GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), a certification that ensures a composition of at least 70% certified organic fibers, produced and processed through environmentally friendly methods.
The Bourrienne Paris X team is aware of the challenges it faces and does not wish to participate in a mass production economy.
Quantities for each order are meticulously discussed to avoid overstocking.
Furthermore, the quality and timelessness of our shirts make these pieces unique models that can be passed down from generation to generation.
Each of our factories is equipped with an energy monitoring system that allows real-time control of their consumption. This system enables better decision-making regarding energy use. Additionally, the installation of solar panels is being prioritized and has become one of our factories' primary goals. The aim is to achieve 100% green and renewable energy.