Choose your men's shirt for the office

Men's office shirt: how to choose and wear it well?

Choosing the right shirt for the context isn't always easy. In the collective imagination, the white shirt is often associated with formal circumstances and must be relatively traditional. For us, the white shirt is like a blank page on which everyone can tell their story. This is why Bourrienne Paris X offers you a very diverse portfolio, mixing cuts, materials and styles, which will adapt to any situation, whether formal or more relaxed.
Because there are a thousand and one ways to wear the white shirt, here we are going to offer you various combinations to vary your style, while remaining elegant and in tune with the level of formalism to which you are exposed.

The men's office shirt, when the clothes make the monk

Dressing for work can seem relatively simple. While it's traditionally agreed to wear a shirt to the office, not all of them are necessarily suitable for your work environment. The outfit required to be credible is subject to certain often unspoken stylistic codes. Depending on your profession, you will have to dress in a more or less traditional way. It is therefore important to observe around you and identify these codes in order to guide your choices. Don't hesitate to ask for this kind of information during your job interview, an approach that will show your determination to integrate into the team.

Choosing your men's office shirt for your first day: don't panic on board

Sometimes it takes a little while to find the right tone of dress, so don't worry if you don't know what to choose for your first day in your new job. We all want to make a good first impression and, let's face it, make an impression with our charm and above all our style. Before getting comfortable on this level, it is better to play the classic card to start.

On this first day, prefer a traditional look. Our classic work shirts with French or Italian collars, in poplin, oxford or twill, or linen will be perfectly suited depending on the season.
Our classic men's office shirts with French collar: CAVALIER, OFFICIAL, ROMANE and DREAMER.


We also offer the basic French cuff shirt, the ultimate in elegance. Discover our PHILOSOPHER model, with an Italian collar.


Dare to step aside with the casual men's office shirt

To stand out, while remaining elegant, you can play with materials, cuts and details, always keeping in mind the codes of your workplace. If the tie is not essential, you can afford a collar without flap: officer collar, reworked old collar or even Bourrienne collar, signature of the brand. Our range of office shirts with these types of collars range from classic to more elaborate models.

For fans of discreet but original details, our ECRIVAIN, CHATEAU or NUPTIALE shirts are made for you!
Our ECRIVAIN model, cut in an incredible cotton poplin , is distinguished by its Bourrienne collar, characteristic of the brand. The cuffs close with a tab, borrowed from period shirts and rehabilitated in a modern way.

The CHATEAU model, with a stand-up collar, is adorned with discreet gathers at the back and slightly puffed sleeves. This shirt is available in poplin and linen, perfect for all seasons.
The NUPTIALE shirt, in cotton poplin, features a high antique collar and gathers at the back, for a “woaw”< effect. t132> assured!
These pieces all have a closed button throat, for a clean and refined finish.



For a classic look with a slight twist, we offer our EPICURIEN models, in poplin and linen, recognizable by their half button placket and Bourrienne collar.


For those looking for a unique look, we recommend our selection of bib shirts such as: NOCTURNE, available in poplin and linen, and ROMANCIER, in long bib in jacquard or seersucker.



Accessorize your men's office shirt

Once you have chosen the ideal office shirt, let your imagination run wild and try several combinations to change your look endlessly. Plain or plain suit set, sweater, cardigan, tie, cufflinks, belt... it's up to you to find the combination that suits you to be the most elegant.