A shirt, a story

Bourrienne thus offers a library of exclusive models, designed in a Parisian private mansion and made by the best workshops in noble fabrics, with an evocative touch.

Each shirt tells its own story, a true means of expression that adapts to every occasion and every personality.

A Bourrienne creation seeks to merge with the senses through the quality of its material, its details and its finishes, through its immaculate white fabric. It evokes memories while accompanying the present.

Acquiring a Bourrienne model is to provoke an encounter, to embrace both the history of the white shirt and the start of a new adventure.

Perfectly designed, vectors of the moment, Bourrienne shirts are both eternal and ageless, made to be loved and worn for a lifetime.

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In 2015 the entrepreneur Charles Beigbeder bought the Hôtel de Bourrienne, a forgotten jewel of the time
Directoire. He is captivated by the history of the place. It is towards the future that he is looking in the restaurant.

At the time of the salons, a circle of intellectuals gravitated around
the Hôtel Particulier: from Talleyrand to Bonaparte in passing
by Chateaubriand and Victor Hugo.

Men, already modern, debating in white shirts:
a premise that inspires the concept of the brand.
Collections of shirts timeless whites for men and women: the Bourrienne Paris X shirt was born.

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The Hôtel de Bourrienne still resonates today with the extraordinary personalities who frequented it. An allegory of a bygone era, this sleeping beauty was just waiting to be rediscovered.

To pay homage to this unique place, Bourrienne Paris X offers collections of pure, contemporary white shirts.

Three shirt cuts:

- A fitted cut

- A Bourrienne cut offering an "oversized" fit with its gathers at the back

- A mixed cut

Each piece has an embroidered Roman numeral at the level of the left swallow. The latter signs the model.

The collars have been revisited, the cuffs reworked, period details reinterpreted.

As for the breastplates, they illustrate the romanticism of the 19th century while embracing today's dress codes .

Removable stays in rose gold, yellow or silver finishes provide understated luxury known only to the wearer.

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Making Bourrienne Paris X shirts requires expertise and special attention, some steps are entirely done by hand, without the use of machines, such as the pleated bibs and manually shaped cuff details.
Two key words: know-how and high standards.

With white as the only color, the brand is committed to choosing superb Italian fabrics, double-twisted poplins, heavy linen and opaque from Normandy, a chic and classic oxford or a very soft cotton twill.

The fabrics are GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard) and come from Californian cotton fields or Egyptians,
meeting high selection criteria.

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Bourrienne Paris X is proud to showcase French know-how. While our hand pleats are made in a workshop in Brittany, our embroidered braids featuring certain decorations from the Hôtel de Bourrienne are made in the north of France.

Our French goldsmith, Marc Maroni, creates our cufflinks inspired by the hotel's emblematic flower. All these craftsmen are so many talents that give our shirts such a unique soul.

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