How to take care of your Bourrienne Paris X white shirt?

Choosing a Bourrienne Paris X shirt means ensuring extreme quality, particularly in terms of the certified organic materials used to make them. We take great care in choosing our fabrics, which come from the best Italian weavers. But quality goes hand in hand with maintenance, which requires some attention. To ensure that your Bourrienne shirt follows you for as long as possible, here are some tips.

Considering your clothes as a second skin allows us to better understand the importance of taking care of them. Whether it is poplin, velvet, seersucker, silk or linen, your shirt requires special attention depending on its material. But before we get into the details, let's get to the prologue.

Preparing your shirt before washing.

Before throwing your shirt in the washing machine, a minimum of preparation is required. Identifying stains beforehand is important to prevent them from becoming embedded and ruining the shine of your shirt. Several methods are available to you to get rid of it.

Then, be sure to unbutton your shirt and, if necessary, remove the collar stays to avoid damaging them or weakening the shirt.

Finally, you will have to pay attention to the other elements that will accompany your shirt. To avoid snagging, avoid parts with sharp elements and only select white to run your machine.

Care for your cotton Bourrienne shirt (poplin, velvet, seersucker)


Cotton is a relatively flexible and easy-care fiber. Although resistant, it is advisable to choose the "delicate" mode and wash at 40°C maximum. Enough to best preserve the fiber and think about the planet.

As for the detergent, we recommend that you choose one that is suitable for whites and add a touch of fabric softener.

Also favor a gentle spin between 400 and 900 rpm.


If you value your shirt, spare it a trip to the dryer. High temperatures will quickly weaken the fiber and make it duller. Rather prefer drying in the open air, on a hanger to facilitate the ironing that follows.


In this final step before wearing your shirt or putting it in the dressing room, water - or at least its steam - will be your best friend. If your iron doesn't have a built-in steamer, get one before you get started. You can also iron your white shirt while it is still slightly damp. You will be careful to choose the “cotton” mode for ironing for an optimal temperature, because like the dryer, too much heat emanating from your iron will risk damaging your favorite white shirt. Some precautions must be taken depending on the type of cotton you will be dealing with.

Iron your poplin shirt

While everyone is free to iron as they see fit, we still advise you to start with the sleeves. For this purpose, the sleeve will be of great use. For those who have not yet encountered it, jeannette is a small ironing board perfectly suited to smooth your shirt sleeves.

Once your sleeves are finished, proceed in stages as follows: iron the cuffs, the collar, the back yoke then the trunk, alternating side, back, side

Iron your seersucker shirt

To avoid ruining the subtle embossing of your seersucker shirt, avoid applying too much pressure when ironing.

The ironing steps are the same as for your poplin shirt, namely: the sleeves (with sleeves if applicable), the cuffs, the collar, the back yoke then the trunk, alternating side - back - side.

Iron your velvet shirt

We recommend that you iron your velvet shirt inside out to keep the fluffiness of the front side.

If your iron has a “velvet” mode, select it, otherwise you just have to lower the temperature of the iron slightly in “cotton” mode.

The ironing steps remain the same as those mentioned above: the sleeves (with sleeves if applicable), the cuffs, the collar, the back yoke then the trunk, alternating side - back - side.

Caring for your Bourrienne linen shirt


Our Norman linen is remarkably fine and to prevent your shirt from shrinking, we suggest washing at 30°C.

However, you will have to be careful when choosing the spin cycle. One of the peculiarities of linen shirts is that they crease quite easily. To avoid disappointment, it is best to choose a gentle spin cycle at 400 rpm maximum.


Like your cotton shirt, it is not advisable to put your linen shirt in the dryer. Again opt for air drying on a hanger for best results.


Ironing our Bourrienne linen shirts will be child's play, thanks to the fineness of the linen we have chosen for you. Provide a spray bottle of water if your iron does not have one or iron your linen shirt while still damp. Some irons have a “linen” mode but for others, you just need to put your iron close to the maximum temperature. As for the ironing steps, all you have to do is proceed as follows: the sleeves (with the sleeve if necessary), the cuffs, the collar, the back yoke then the trunk, alternating side - back - side.