Interview with Eva & Victoire, hunters of old objects

Tell us about your job in a few words

We created La Grange around a common passion: antiquing. Our main expertise is therefore to unearth treasures through flea markets and garage sales, and to find a new use for them. This is also where the idea of ​​our name La Grange comes from: it is in the barns that we sometimes find the most beautiful pearls forgotten for several years. For our first collection, we decided to focus on ceramics, in order to highlight this beautiful profession located between art and craftsmanship. Our job is to highlight the stories of these unique ceramics, and to write a new one.
In a second step, we therefore developed a new profession, that of a wax craftsman, in order to give a second life to these ceramics through candles. At a time when we are questioning our consumption patterns, we wanted to favor a way of consuming that relies on the pause button, and who prefers the quality to the amount. Our workshop is located in Paris and our candles are entirely made in the hand, from vegetable wax and cotton wicks.

How did the collaboration with Bourrienne Paris X go?

We had the opportunity to visit the Hôtel de Bourrienne, and this extraordinary place steeped in history immediately inspired us. The similarities between our two concepts are numerous, between the attraction for the old, the highlighting of forgotten objects, craftsmanship, the search for quality rather than quantity... This gave rise to the idea of a collaboration, hunting for Bourrienne the containers that would house their scented candles. After several comings and goings in flea markets, we chose together a range of pots and vases in alabaster, a kind of white marble with a beautiful polish, taking inspiration from elements of the Hôtel de Bourrienne. This soft and easy-to-carve natural material was often used as a decorative element in palaces over the decades.

What inspires you about the Bourrienne Paris X brand?

We have always admired the idea behind the Bourrienne brand, which seeks to revive old traditions and details through a single product. For us, Bourrienne is above all synonymous with timelessness, elegance and transmission of know-how. This is what distinguishes Bourrienne from other houses, and marks its singularity.