A craftsman, a shirt

Interview with Fanny, creator of Bourrienne perfume...

At the beginning of this project, we wanted to create a scent for Bourrienne Paris X, which was neither masculine nor feminine and which recalled the inspirational essence of the brand: the Hôtel de Bourrienne.

That's why we called on Fanny, head of Maison Madeleine, whose job is to translate a brand's DNA into a fragrance.

Tell us about your job in a few words?

My job is to translate the DNA of a brand/company/establishment into a fragrance that I will mentalize first. Once the olfactory brief is validated by my client, I write formulas composed of carefully selected raw materials, in a very precise dosage. These formulas are then weighed, evaluated and modified. These steps are repeated as many times as needed to achieve the perfect balance.

Beyond my job as a perfumer (we also say "Nose" or "Perfume creator"), I am the manager of my company Maison Madeleine.

What inspires you about the Bourrienne Paris X brand?

In my eyes, Bourrienne is THE high-end shirt. The taste for fine materials and craftsmanship. This is what makes the strength and beauty of the finished product. Bourrienne advocates quality, aesthetics and old fashions brought up to date in a shirt that we will keep for years!

How was the Bourrienne Paris X scent developed?

We thought about different directions. In the end, the "Sacred Volutes" track was chosen. It is a work inspired by the woodwork of the private mansion and the characteristic atmosphere that emerges there. The fragrance has a smoky top note with notes of incense and myrrh that illustrate the sacred and mystical side of the place. I also worked with cedar and birch, racy woods that I chose to round off using white musks. The signature of the composition is in the balance between this dazzling white shirt and the majestic atmosphere of the Bourrienne hotel.

For The interview with a craftsman, a shirt... Fanny chose to wear the POETESSE shirt.