New Collaboration between the artist Nicolas Lefebvre and Bourrienne Paris X

Artist Nicolas Lefebvre becomes a "shirt designer" for Bourrienne Paris X, for a "Crazy Collab" at the Bon Marché Rive Gauche women's area and in the brand's Parisian boutique. From his universe made of inspirations gleaned from all over the world, he created a shirt for men and a shirt for women, taking up the codes of his art and the brand.

It was while crossing paths one summer morning at the Hôtel de Bourrienne that this question arose as obvious: what would be a creation between an artist with a traveling soul and a brand of timeless white shirts that draws its inspiration from the heritage of French shirtmaking?

By keeping the brand's signature codes and by making our shirts travel in the artist's suitcases, we have created a shirt for women and one for men.

For the men's shirt, the artist chose a classic shirt, officer collar and classic cuffs.

For women, a long version, with the same details, and the split side. We find on these two pieces, the emblematic cross of life of the artist, embroidered on the chest in white on white like all the embroideries of the brand.

To this it is possible to add lapiz lazuli cufflinks, made in a workshop in Jaipur, India, and a navy blue silk scarf, printed in Italy with its little crosses of life. It will naturally hang around the neck and dress up the shirt with the natural chic that Nicolas Lefebvre instills in us.

This event at the Bon Marché is an invitation to make an artistic stopover among the works of art by Nicolas Lefebvre which will be exhibited on the Bourrienne Paris X stand for women.