Our history

Founded in 2017, the Bourrienne brand imagines the white shirt as a blank page that highlights the freedom and creativity of the wearer.

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Our values

"Details make perfection, but perfection is not a detail" - Leonardo da Vinci

Bourrienne Paris X never ceases to search for forgotten details of the past, such as as many
appeals to the imagination. According to the personality of each, will you be a dreamer, an artist, an architect or rather
in a nocturnal and romantic mood?

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The Bourrienne hotel

Far from the image of an aristocratic and idle Parisian society,
the Hôtel de Bourrienne tells us a completely different story: that
of a line of men and women of power, financiers,
manufacturers, and entrepreneurs.

A real place of creation, forever in motion.

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look book

Bourrienne Paris X likes to go back in time and take on history to fashion a
monochrome wardrobe for men and women in the present. The timeless elegance of each of our pieces
defies the centuries while resonating with the tradition of the white shirt. Drawing on a French history
punctuated with details and claiming exceptional craftsmanship. This is how this
French way of life infuses our shirts with endless creativity, made up of passion and meticulousness.

Our classics are invented and reinvented.

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