French Collar

The French collar is available in different proportions, with or without collar stays. The French collar is a timeless collar, with perfect proportions, a classic to wear with or without a tie. It refines the face thanks to its vertical lines.

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Spread Collar

The Italian collar has a much wider opening than the French collar. Best worn with a tie, it is a timeless item in the men's wardrobe.

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Officer Collar

We have several officer collars, more or less high. Derived from officer uniforms, it is now a key element of contemporary casual shirts.

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Col Bourrienne

The Bourrienne collar is a signature collar of the brand. It is inspired by the starched ceremonial collars of the period, from which the folded corner would have been removed, in order to simplify it and give it a touch of modernity. A signature brand collar.

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Old Collar

This signature collar of the brand is directly inspired by a high, starched collar from the 19th century. It has been taken in the same proportions and integrated directly into the shirt this time.

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