Classic cuffs

Our classic cuffs offer little extra details to adorn this part of the shirt. A series of gathers at the top of the button placket, a satin stitch to fix the placket, or even topstitching etc.

Our Classic Cuffs

French cuffs

Originating in the male wardrobe of the 19th century, French cuffs were worn by horsemen who fought with muskets. Folded back on themselves, and closed with cufflinks, we replicated them and added our signature series of gathers on the sleeve, still inspired by old shirts. We have also created a revised version, which closes the idea with a small buttoned tab.

Our French cuffs

Bourrienne Cuffs

Our Bourrienne cuff is inspired by the old puffed sleeves of period shirts, whose cuffs closed with a buttoned band. We've reinterpreted this principle by minimizing the cuff and finishing the sleeve with a topstitched slit. This enforme is prepared using a cardboard template, which allows you to connect the edges in a perfectly symmetrical and geometric way.

Our Bourrienne Cuffs

Ruffled Wrist

Inspired by period puffed cuffs, this cuff closes with a band covered with braid embroidered by a craftsman from the North of France, using the frescoes of the Hôtel de Bourrienne.

Our Ruffled Cuffs