How to accessorize your men's white shirt?

The white shirt is undoubtedly THE essential piece of our wardrobe. Whether it's going to work, having drinks on the terrace or going dancing the night away, this piece can match all our moments of life, without ever disappointing.

While our white Bourrienne Paris X shirts can stand on their own thanks to our signature details, it is possible to enhance them further by adding skilfully chosen accessories. For you, Bourrienne Paris X offers a selection of accessories to dress up our white shirts and vary the styles, according to your desires. Our white shirts are like a blank canvas on which you can let your imagination run wild.

Accessorize your men's white shirt

For several centuries, accessorizing the white shirt was the preserve of men. From the 15th century until the end of the 18th century, only men could wear the white shirt, although it was not hidden by other fabrics. They knew, however, how to compete in creativity to stand out by enriching their shirts with the most elaborate details: collars, lace jabots and frilly cuffs. If male sartorial conservatism was de rigueur from the 19th century, the sartorial distinction remained through accessories, certainly discreet, but which made all the difference.

The essential tie, the benchmark for elegance

Wide or thin, in silk or cotton, the tie has established itself as the privileged partner of the white shirt. The introduction of the tie in men's fashion dates back to the time of King Louis XIII. Towards the end of his reign, he had commissioned Croatian soldiers to fight alongside the French army. These same soldiers wore a strip of cloth around their necks to protect themselves from the winter cold. The word tie is actually a derivative of its Croatian name “hrvat”, in reference to its origins. Adopted by the kings of France, then by the court, the tie settled permanently in the male wardrobe. Today, it is associated with the professional world, even if it can be worn on a wide variety of occasions, especially celebrations.

For men with thin faces, it is better to opt for a thin tie. Whether plain or adorned with patterns, the tie will adapt very well to the aesthetics of our French or Italian collar shirts, such as OFFICIAL , PHILOSOPHER

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The bow tie or elegance par excellence

The origin of the bow tie is a little more confusing. While some believe that it appeared at the same time as the tie or the ascot, others explain that this knot would be the result of the complexity of the tie knot in the 19th century. Be that as it may, this small strip of fabric has clearly established itself as the accessory of masculine elegance par excellence. Previously worn by the aristocracy and the bourgeoisie for very formal events, the bow tie is gradually emerging from this strict straitjacket. Today, it is worn in various circumstances. Plain or patterned, in silk or cotton, the bow tie brings a chic and refined touch to your shirt.

Low neck scarf

Like the silk square for women, men too can punctuate their style with a touch of color, in an original way.A scarf tied around the neck, with the point tucked inside the unbuttoned collar, this is the height of elegance

Uncovering the E ShirtCRIVAIN

Cufflinks, the poignant detail of refinement

They can be in gold, silver, adorned with more or less precious stones and are most often worn with shirts with French cuffs. It was in the 17th century, under the reign of King Louis XIV, that cufflinks entered the panoply of essential accessories for kings and princes. It was not until the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century that these ornaments became more democratic, even if they remained the prerogative of aristocrats and bourgeois. This accessory has seen a recent resurgence in interest.

Bourrienne Paris X has developed, in a limited edition by goldsmith Marc Maroni, three pairs of cufflinks, in gold and silver, whose design is inspired by the decor of the Hôtel de Bourrienne: SETTING, MIRROR or SIGNATURE. These accessories will go perfectly with our HORSEMAN or PHILOSOPHER shirts.

SIGNATURE and MIRROR cufflinks
in yellow gold

cufflinks in yellow gold and silver


Concealing in order to reveal yourself better, such is the main interest of skilfully dosed layering. This practice is also available for men. Layering consists of superimposing different elements to emphasize certain details giving you a unique look. This trend is perfectly suited for mid-season, autumn and winter. Sweater, vest, cardigan, overshirt, coat... an infinite number of combinations are available to you.


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