How to accessorize your women's white shirt?

The white shirt is undoubtedly THE essential piece of our wardrobe. Whether it's going to work, having drinks on the terrace or going dancing the night away, this piece can match all our moments of life, without ever disappointing.

While our white Bourrienne Paris X shirts can stand on their own thanks to our signature details, it is possible to enhance them further by adding skilfully chosen accessories. For you, Bourrienne Paris X offers a selection of accessories to dress up our white shirts and vary the styles, according to your desires. Our white shirts are like a blank canvas on which you can let your imagination run wild.

Accessorize your women's white shirt

Originally borrowed from men's wardrobes, the white shirt became a staple in women's wardrobes throughout the 20th century. Easy to wear and match, the white shirt offers many different style possibilities to women: rolled up sleeves, slightly open buttoning throat, tied at the waist, worn oversized or in a dress version, but above all accessorized to madness. Depending on the accessories you choose, the look of your white shirt can change completely. Here are some suggestions for accessories for our Marvelous.

Silk square or lavallière, accessories that set the tone

Bring some color into your life with a plain or brightly patterned silk scarf. The advantage with white is that it goes with any color. Tied around the neck for a classic look, or at the waist like a bohemian belt, your silk square will bring some pep to your white shirt.


AUTUMN shirt

Our collection of squares, whose patterns take up the decor of the hotel's boudoir, go perfectly with our white shirts.

FLASH silk scarf

NIGHT Silk Scarf

PARURE silk scarf

PEARL silk scarf

In the same spirit, the lavallière will also enhance the look of your shirt, like our ALTESSE model. The origin of this accessory dates back to the beginning of the 17th century. It bears the name of the woman who popularized it within the court of the Sun King, namely his favourite, Madame de la Vallière. She would have borrowed one of her colorful fabrics from her lover to tie it around her neck, dropping large curls on either side. Over the centuries, the lavallière has established itself as a key accessory in women's fashion. Falling into disuse at the end of the last century, it is making a comeback on the current fashion scene.

Photo from GALA magazine
Photographer: @guillaume_millet
Styling: @stephaniebrissay78

If you have a crush on one of these accessories, prefer to combine it with one of our classic shirts with a French or antique collar, such as our shirts AUTHENTIQUE, PIANIST, FEERIE or AMAZONE.

Jewellery to add sparkle to your style

Treat yourself and wear your finest finery with your white shirt.
For a casual chic look, nothing like a long necklace (or more) interfering along your buttonhole which can be closed or slightly open.
For a more conservative but punchy style, why not opt ​​for a short collar, placed delicately around the neck under a French collar or around an antique collar


For those who are not afraid to roll up their sleeves, bracelets will be your most faithful allies.


With a growing resurgence in popularity, the brooch is set to become the most fashionable accessory of the coming seasons. Whether understated or extravagant, this piece has the potential to take your look from basic to unique.

Everything is allowed with white, so don't hesitate to play with shapes, colors and materials. Precious metals, pearls or sparkling stones, shine with distinction.


In the same vein as jewellery, cufflinks can bring an elegant and original touch to your shirt. Usually reserved for men, cufflinks can be worn on a feminine shirt, provided it has French cuffs like our AUTHENTIC shirt. Bourrienne Paris X has developed, in a limited edition by goldsmith Marc Maroni, three pairs of cufflinks, in gold and silver, whose design is inspired by the decor of the Hôtel de Bourrienne: PARURE , MIRROR or SIGNATURE.

SIGNATURE and MIRROR cufflinks
in yellow gold

cufflinks in yellow gold and silver


Concealing in order to reveal yourself better, such is the main interest of skilfully dosed layering. Layering consists of superimposing different elements to emphasize certain details giving you a unique look. This trend is perfectly suited for mid-season, autumn and winter. A jacket, a sweater or a sleeveless knitted cardigan for a preppy chic look, or a corset for a touch of offbeat sensuality, it's up to you to decide the combination that best suits your mood.