Interview Rêve de Gosse - a Parisian boutique more than a little special!

An interview with “Rêve de Gosse” a Parisian boutique that is more than a little special!

After creating excitement with a few pop-ups in Paris, Rêve opens a store. It is that of a former tailor in the marshes whom he nicknamed the “bouclard”. A ground floor dotted with marvelous finds and creations which is embellished with an old bar on which vinyl records from the 40s to the 60s are still playing; time travel is almost instantaneous.

Dream idolizes usury, weathered, patched up clothes; he loves stories, and it's these clothes that whisper a lot in his ear. Going up to the second by a small spiral staircase, there is a waterfall of
equestrian boots; then, arrived at the top several universes are offered to you. First, a small room loaded with rolls of old fabrics, and not just any. In another room, costumes are presented. Here, the racks are somewhat paradoxical: costumes by Giscard d'Estaing and laborers are next to each other. The bouclard is even endowed with a moral: the valet must be treated like the prince and the prince like the valet. In other rooms there are still clothes and antique objects as well as a few misplaced rolls of fabric. Some corners of the bouclard are still a bit messy; only the most greedy bargain hunters will venture.
Let's finish with the plan of the shop; if Rêve has any advice for you: don't look, TRY!

Tell us about your job in a few words!

Rêve does not define himself as a merchant, his shop is his hobby and he lives only by passion. Le bouclard is neither a thrift store, nor a ready-to-wear shop, nor a tailor, but rather a succulent cocktail of three professions: antique dealer of old clothing, sale of old fabrics and creations made locally at the request of iconic models. the French locker room; more than a shop, Rêve calls it “the workshop shop”. Here, we sell everything and we can do just about anything. An old peacoat is not your size, Rêve will make you a copy in the fabric of your choice and can even embellish and adorn it in its own way.
(or yours). His coffee bag jacket is “sold out”, bring your bag, you will have a jacket! At the bouclard, we create something new by drawing inspiration from the old with old fabrics: there is a certain logic. And if you leave empty-handed, you will still have a full head. Dream works out of passion and it shows. From the style, to the most subtle manufacturing details, passing through many anecdotes about just about anything and everything, Rêve has a lot to share with you, always with the greatest joie de vivre.

Our meeting with Rêve de Gosse

We met Rêve during the shooting of our SS23 collection for which he lent us some of his creations.
Rêve de Gosse white pants with straight cut and hand painted blue stripes.

 Rêve de Gosse white pants with straight cut and hand painted blue stripes.

Rêve tells us “Bourrienne does not remind me of a Brand but of a spirit, an era brought up to date, a man who served Napoleon, the white of the ermine or that of the poplin. The shirt of course, white because it is the only one worn by people of honor and hard work. An immaculate white that life sometimes cuts or stains like these 19th century duels. Classic, timeless, immaculate, such is the Bourrienne spirit.”

Some creations signed Rêve de Gosse

Summer sandals for a 1940s style made by a companion an apprentice worker from the companions of duty.

The kid's dream frock coat made by a craftsman: a traditional French hunting outfit in vintage wool tricotine.

The caban made from an old coffee bag.

Coveralls lined in different furs.

Our shirts worn by Rêve de gosse

Our workshop shirt: worn with a waistcoat, its length is accentuated. Rêve told us: “I will wear it every day during the summer in Greece”. A beautiful strong piece to highlight.



Our Napoleon shirt: inspired by the last shirt worn by the Emperor. This is a unisex, uni size shirt; its loose fit and low armhole allow it to fit just about anyone.