WEDDING: The perfect attire for the best man

Bourrienne Paris X assists you in selecting the perfect shirt as a wedding witness.

Being a wedding witness is a significant and touching role: from the wedding preparations to the signing of the registers and the evening reception, witnesses will be essential figures to whom guests will turn with their questions. Therefore, choosing the perfect shirt will help you feel comfortable and elegant on this precious day.
Every detail matters for this occasion. 
The groom might not impose a specific dress code on his witnesses, thus allowing them to choose their attire according to their preferences.
In any case, the white shirt remains a must. Opt for one in poplin or cotton twill, with a French collar and either simple or double cuffs to accommodate cufflinks. Favor flattering cuts, high-quality materials, and refined accessories for a sophisticated and harmonious look.

Bourrienne Paris X guides you towards the best choice.

For a classic look
If you are more comfortable with a classic look, choose a shirt with a French collar: our ROMANESQUE, CEREMONIE, and CAVALIER shirts will charm you.
Choose ROMANESQUE for a safe option while adding a touch of originality with Bourrienne cuffs. For a hint of elegance, turn to the CEREMONIE model, adorned with refined cufflinks. Finally, select the CAVALIER model and embrace the Bourrienne cut, combining comfort and sophistication.
Conversely, if French collars are too conventional for you, opt for a more daring collar: APPARAT, ÉCRIVAIN, and NUPTIALE will appeal to you more.
Opt for the APPARAT model if you want to vary the collar while maintaining a classic cut. For more originality, choose the ÉCRIVAIN model, featuring an officer collar and refined tab cuffs. Lastly, select the NUPTIALE model, which combines classic cuffs with a more ample cut.

For a decidedly modern look
Conversely, if you want to emphasize originality, Bourrienne Paris X offers shirts that stand out for their elegance and creativity, offering decidedly modern looks. Discover our plastrons, delicate embroideries, and refined materials.
For a unique model, choose COMÉDIEN, an exceptional piece from the Maison, featuring a pleated plastron crafted in an artisanal workshop in Brittany. The ÉPOPÉE model, for its part, reprises Bourrienne's signature pleats with a fitted cut and an officer collar. In another style, opt for ESQUISSE, the ideal model for going tie-less, with a button placket embroidered with the motifs of the frescos of the Hôtel de Bourrienne. Finally, if classic cotton does not entice you enough, PLÉIADE offers a very light and airy Spanish seersucker, accompanied by an antique plastron and Bourrienne cuffs.
What suit color to choose to harmonize with a Bourrienne shirt? 
Blue, especially in its dark shades, is the most common choice for a men's suit, combining versatility and elegance, and matching all skin tones. It provides the ideal formality for wedding witnesses.
Classic gray is an excellent alternative, offering subtle elegance and refined presence. Imbued with timeless sobriety, it thus represents a choice alternative for witnesses combining tradition and sophistication with finesse.
Black, despite its traditional association with tuxedos, may suit some wedding witnesses, displaying timeless elegance and remarkable presence. However, it is important to consider the ceremony's codes as well as the couple’s preferences.
A shirt that shines with its own elegance
If a suit is not your preference, choose a shirt that stands out for its intrinsic elegance.
SCULPTEUR, an ample model inspired by artists' shirts, stands out for its casual elegance, thanks to its neckline and plastered linen texture, a raw linen signature of the Maison. For a one-of-a-kind shirt, opt for FUNAMBULE: ample and airy, the sleeves of this seersucker shirt are adorned with delicate pleats. Alternatively, choose the MARIN model, characterized by its Bourrienne cut, French collar, and lightness. Also available in linen, this shirt, with a buttoned closure under the collar and a wide button placket, will be your ideal companion for a summer wedding.