A wedding of modern elegance: Choose the contemporary dress or the white shirt

Opt for a Modern Wedding with BOURRIENNE PARIS X.

With the return of sunny days and the wedding season upon us, now is the perfect time for young brides to embrace modern attire: the contemporary dress or even the white shirt.

Indeed, this day does not necessitate a theatrical gown adorned with sequins or lace. 
Nowadays, modern weddings are becoming increasingly popular, with couples choosing to break away from conventions and traditions in favor of simplicity. As a famous proverb goes, "The simplest things are often the best." But beware, simplicity does not mean boring!

BOURRIENNE PARIS X offers elegant, modern outfits ensuring optimal comfort on this precious day.

Synonymous with elegance and delicacy, the IMPERATRICE dress is sure to captivate you.
Evoking the 18th century, this contemporary creation features trims inspired by the friezes of the Hôtel de Bourrienne. The trims and pleated plastrons pay homage to French artisans, while the religious pleats add a unique signature to this modern dress.
IMPERATRICE embodies contemporary elegance while honoring the sartorial traditions of the past. With its gathers at the back, an emblematic cut of the Maison, it offers an oversized touch that prioritizes comfort throughout the day. The ruffled cuffs add a subtle yet striking detail, bringing a touch of originality and fluidity to the outfit.

Indeed, choosing long models with distinctive details will allow you to shine throughout the day as if you had opted for a spectacular dress adorned with sequins.

And why not consider the white shirt? Paired with a tuxedo or a long skirt, the bride ensures a modern, practical, and comfortable look for the big day.
DIVINE, DIVA, or even PASTEL are cotton models that will charm you with their flawless delicate details.

DIVINE, a signature piece of the Maison, stands out with its femininity, its pleated plastron crafted by a French artisan, as well as its collar and cuffs that echo the floral designs found in the Hôtel de Bourrienne. So many details and hours of work make it a refined and original piece, perfect for pairing with a long skirt.

DIVA, on the other hand, embodies femininity and timelessness. Its flat collar reveals a subtle and modern neckline, thanks to it s straight cut. The Bourrienne cuffs, reinterpreted with tie bands, impart this shirt with unfailing refinement and sensuality.

PASTEL, for its part, distinguishes itself with its collar that reimagines the large ornamental ruff collars of the past. This collar, directly integrated into the shirt, is accentuated by the addition of a ribbon on the ruffle, tightening and structuring the collar. This shirt is ideal for a bride who wishes to adopt a look that is both modern and refined.

The subtle and sophisticated details of these three models, combining tradition and innovation, make them the perfect choice for a contemporary ceremony. They embody a perfect balance between past and present, offering the bride a timeless look while remaining firmly in the present.

Bourrienne Paris X also offers the addition of a luxurious touch and a dimension of refinement and sophistication with models in silk.
BOUDOIR, COMTESSE, and CABANE will make you shine on this precious day.

The BOUDOIR shirt epitomizes French chic. It stands out with an old-fashioned inspired collar, embroidered with a trim evoking the frescoes of the Hôtel de Bourrienne, and adorned with a delicate edging of small ruffles. The slightly puffed sleeves, embellished with ruffles, add a dimension of originality and timeless charm.

COMTESSE, on the other hand, features a scarf collar that can be tied in various ways. Made from sumptuous Italian silk, this model offers a fitted cut that will perfectly embrace your silhouette. Feminine and elegant, the classic cuffs of COMTESSE add a touch of sobriety.

The CABANE model is romantic with its collar neckline and two ties that allow you to adjust its look. Made of silk, this shirt with the Bourrienne cut ensures lightness, comfort, and elegance. The classic cuffs complete this piece, creating a shirt that is both timeless and contemporary, ideal for your wedding.

In summary, Bourrienne Paris X ensures elegant, sophisticated, timeless yet modern looks for your wedding. Young brides, choose harmonious models to blend heritage and innovation on this precious day. These creations transcend fleeting trends to stand the test of time.